PSC Eaglewood is a private debt asset manager specialising in technology enabled lending that dis-intermediates the traditional retail banking system. PSC Eaglewood aims to deliver stable investment performance while minimising investment volatility through active investment management. It is part of the Pollen Street Capital Group, consisting of Pollen Street Capital Limited (“Pollen Street”) and PSC Eaglewood since September 2017, when they agreed to merge their operations in a share for share exchange with Pollen Street being the majority shareholder.

The company operates through its two investment management entities, PSC Eaglewood Americas LLC, an SEC-registered* investment advisor based in New York, and PSC Eaglewood Europe LLP, a London-based investment advisor authorised by the FCA.

PSC Eaglewood currently manages one US fund and a closed-end, LSE-listed fund. For the latest pricing information please click here.